Jesús Benítez


Jesús Benítez (Mexico, 1985) lives and works in Mexico City. His magnificent style has led him exhibit in solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the globe.

His attention to detail provides a perfect mix between graffiti, illustration, animation, mix-media and new muralism.

Jesús’ work transmutes and is in constant evolution. He draws inspiration from science fiction, cosmic terror, digital illustration, his internal concerns and vision of the present. Currently he maintains projects and murals in Spain, United States, Morocco, Germany and Mexico.

Like any good artist, he does not focus on a single discipline, but explores a wide range of mediums; from painting, to screen printing, installation, digital illustration, and more.

His work has been published by magazines such as Juxtapoz,, OFFF, Graffiti World Atlas, Street Sketchbook 2 and neo-psychedelia Bel Magazine, to name a few.

Photograph by Tre’ Packard

Photograph by Nate Peracciny